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Cut Throat Shave Shop is a gentlemans barber located in Sidmouth, Devon. Nestled in the heart of Sidmouth’s bustling town centre, CT Shave Shop provides a classic experience inspired by the busy barber shops of early 20th century London.


For premier service and a fantastic cut get yourself over to see Phil at CT Shave Shop. Phil’s artistry with the scissors is something to witness and if his concise and expert hand means you won’t find a hair out of place. Whether you’re looking for a delicate skin fade or a clipper cut, Cut Throat Shave Shop will be ready to help.

Men's Haircuts

CT Shave Shop offers services including mens haircuts, skin fades and clipper cuts. Next time you’re in Sidmouth pop in and see Phil for a truly fantastic cut with great conversation and even better service.

Children's Haircuts

Cut Throat Shave Shop is your one stop shop for the whole family. Affordable childrens haircuts alongside fantastic service mean that the kids and parents will all be leaving the shop with a smile.

mans haircut and skin fade


Cut Throat Shave Shop would like to welcome back all of our customers old and new. Our wishes go out to everyone during these difficult times, we are taking every possible precaution against COVID-19 and are following all of the government’s current regulations.

deluxe wet shave


A perfectly trimmed beard is a magnificent thing. Come down to see Phil for a perfect trim and shape next time you’re in Sidmouth and you won’t regret it.

Deluxe Old English Shave

Phil takes pride in everything he does and the deluxe English shave is the epitome of classic English barber shops. Starting with a pre shave cream Phil begins using a traditional cut throat razor and hot towel with expert skill. This is followed by oil and a cold towel and finished with a gentle post shave balm. Phil takes extra care to only use products that are soft and gentle so all of the products at Cut Throat Shave Shop are kind to the skin using organic ingredients.

Modern Cuts With Classic Service

Come down to Sidmouth and experience the best in gentleman’s haircuts and shaves. Friendly service and great cuts and shaves make Cut Throat Shave Shop the one stop shop for all of your grooming needs.


The shop has all of the charm you’d expect from it’s beautiful exterior. It’s location within the heart of Sidmouth tightly packed streets gives it the feel of classic turn of the century, reinforced as you step through the doors. As you enter you’re met with the beautiful aromas of the many colognes, aftershaves and tonics within. Once you are inside the cosy shop you will be surprised to see a wide range of traditional and contemporary product on sale and with expert knowledge and advice you are sure to find what you are looking for.All of these items are available in out Product Shop.

Phil The Barber

Phil is a dedicated, hard working barber with over 25 years of experience cutting hair. From busy barber shops to cutting the hair of the famous and not so famous on the festival circuit, Phil has mastered the art of the gentleman’s barber. Inspired by the barber shops of old, Phil delivers the service and finesse that you just can’t find anymore. Taking his time with every client that walks through the door you’ll be missing his friendly smile before you’ve even left.

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